I am so thrilled to have been chosen to serve this amazing couple with creative wedding photography. Sterling and Karla are a kind, unique, easygoing, and creative couple who was awesome to work with. Although much rain made the second half of the day difficult, everyone had a blast at this unique wedding event. And as you’ll see in the last image; we didn’t even let the rain stop us. Below are just a few of my favorites from this unique wedding day.

Sterling-Karla-1 Sterling-Karla-2 Sterling-Karla-3 Sterling-Karla-5 Sterling-Karla-6 Sterling-Karla-7 Sterling-Karla-8 Sterling-Karla-9 Sterling-Karla-10 Sterling-Karla-11 Sterling-Karla-12 Sterling-Karla-13 Sterling-Karla-14 Sterling-Karla-15 Sterling-Karla-16 Sterling-Karla-17 Sterling-Karla-18 Sterling-Karla-20 Sterling-Karla-21 Sterling-Karla-22 Sterling-Karla-23 Sterling-Karla-24 Sterling-Karla-25 Sterling-Karla-26 Sterling-Karla-27 Sterling-Karla-28 Sterling-Karla-29 Sterling-Karla-30 Sterling-Karla-31 Sterling-Karla-32 Sterling-Karla-33 Sterling-Karla-34 Sterling-Karla-35 Sterling-Karla-40 Sterling-Karla-41 Sterling-Karla-42 Sterling-Karla-45 Sterling-Karla-46 Sterling-Karla-47 Sterling-Karla-48 Sterling-Karla-49

  • Diane - June 18, 2015 - 2:55 pm

    These are fantastic! Almost makes me want to become a wedding photographer! No, seriously, wonderful images….very unique and creative. What a great day and lovely couple. We think the world of them.

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