Onething 2010

Onething 2010. This is my 5th time to capture this amazing event. It’s interesting to capture this event each year and to approach it in a fresh way. This year I feel like these images feel more raw, less polished than images from past Onething events; but in a good way. Last year I was really striving to capture in that fine art style that I love so much. This year I didn’t strive and just captured. I took fewer images this year as well.

As I watched this years event unfold I was continually amazed at the maturity of these worship leaders. Justin Rizzo has to be one of the greatest risk takers out there. I think Matt Gilman eats passion for breakfast. Luke Wood is just steady and rock solid. And who do you compare Jon Thurlow to? There is no one like him. And of course, you can’t overlook Misty Edwards, Audra Lynn, and Corey Asbury leading a generation into the throne room. Although I’ve not posted images of all these leaders, their names are worth mentioning. Below is just a small glimpse into Onething 2010.

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